Friday, 28 October 2016

6 Ways to Create Viral Marketing Success with Pinterest

You can create viral marketing success with Pinterest by following these six easy steps:

  1. Create boards around your keywords
  2. Search for or create group boards around your keywords
  3. Use to schedule your posts
  4. Put a Pinterest button your blog or website to make it easier for you and your fans to share your posts.
  5. Create original, user-friendly content to share through Pinterest
  6. Consider converting your Pinterest account to a business account so you can read the analytics

Pinterest has 100 million active users, 85 percent of whom are female.

One way to explain Pinterest’s popularity among women is that it’s like a giant digital scrapbook that’s constantly evolving and becoming more and more important for those of us working to promote our businesses through social media..

According to Wikipedia, before 2013, Pinterest only accounted for about 2 percent of global social-mediated sales, however it has recently substantially increased to about 23 percent. Sales inspired by Pinterest average about $80 – higher than any other site, including Amazon, Google and Facebook. 

Convinced you need to win the Game of Pinterest?

Now let’s go in depth and understand how:

Create boards around your keywords. By now, if you have been following our social media strategy here at, you know that you must start by figuring out the keywords for your business. Once you are clear on what those keywords are, create Pinterest boards for your top 10 keywords. Maybe you can think of even more boards to create based on the words and phrases that people who need your products, business and services are looking for. Once you have created your 10 boards based on your keywords, constantly be on the lookout for content that explains your keywords. This could be content you yourself create or Pins from other Pinterest users. Remember, you don’t have to create all the content yourself – you can share the ideas of like-minded people.

Search for or create group boards around your keywords. Once you have created your own boards around your keywords, search for group boards from other people who are collecting content around the same subject. If you can’t quite find what you are looking for, create your own group boards by inviting other Pinterest users to become members of a group board you create. This is a great way to get your content quickly in front of potentially thousands of people. For example, I’m a member of this Pinterest board about Fitness that has 9.8 thousand members. If I post to this board, my content automatically gets shared with 9.8 thousand members.

Use to schedule your posts. is a dashboard you can use to share visual content throughout the social media. It’s especially helpful for Pinterest and Instagram, but you can also share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Twitter. One of the great features about this particular dashboard is that once you upload your images, you can clone them. In this manner, you can send out multiple images through your social media channels over time. This would be especially helpful, for example, during a book launch or other product kickoff when you want to let your fans and followers to take action.

Put a Pinterest Pin It button your blog or website to make it easier for you and your fans to share your posts. You want to make it as easy as possible for your fans and followers to share your content through their social media channels. One of the great ways to do this is to ask your website developer to add a Pin It button to your website. You can also download a Pin It button to your web browser by following the instructions at this link. In that way, whenever you run across content throughout the internet that’s relevant to your keywords all you have to do is Pin It to one of your Pinterest boards.

Create original, user-friendly content to share through Pinterest. One of the unique features of Pinterest compared to other social media sites with their quick timelines is that once you create content and pin it to your boards, it will be around forever. Create great content and all of a sudden you have a viral marketing phenomenon on your hands! Here’s a great example of how I did this. Back on Jan. 28, 2016, I published a blog entitled “The Easiest Way to Stretch Tight Hamstrings.” The blog included a very clear photograph demonstrating how to do what I was talking about. I then pinned the photo with a link to my website on multiple Pinterest boards. You can see the Pin at this link. As of Oct. 28, it has now been pinned on a total of 970 different boards throughout Pinterest, making it evergreen content that sends new readers to my website on literally a daily basis according to my Google analytics reports. Best times to post on Pinterest are between 8 and 11 p.m. and 2 to 4 p.m. 

Consider converting your Pinterest account to a business account so you can read the analytics. When I started, I knew I wanted to include a Pinterest account as part of my social media strategy. I set up the Pinterest account for my online jewelry store as a business account at this link so that over time I will be able to read the analytics reports to see what customers are responding to, when and for how long. Just as you can read the analytics report on your business Facebook page and Twitter account, you can get similar analytics when you set up a Pinterest business account.

Want to learn more about how to win the Game of Social Media?

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

How To Knock It Out of the Park With Youtube

If you plan on winning the Game of Social Media, you want to be sure to include Youtube as part of your strategy.

Why is it so important for you to include Youtube as part of your social media strategy?


Now let’s talk about how to knock it out of the park with Youtube.

Step 1. Start with a keyword. By now, if you’ve been working with us here at, you know that if you don’t work with a keyword, you simply won’t get found. Pick one keyword.

Step 2. Create a two to three minute video elaborating on this keyword. Here at, we film videos using the video conferencing service You can pay to join this service if you like, but Zoom also allows you FREE access for meetings up to 40 minutes with up to 50 participants. is great if you want to record yourself explaining your product or service, but you may also want to use your smart phone to record live action videos. For example, I have created multiple videos of exercises, pranayama breath work and even a book trailer using my iPhone 6S. Use your creativity. What do your fans and followers want to know about? Just keep your videos short and to the point.

Step 3. Edit the file properties. Just as you would tag all your photographs before uploading them to social media, edit the video file and include your keyword in the file before you upload it to Youtube.

Step 4. Write a 500-word description of your video using your keyword in the first paragraph. Be sure that this is 100 percent original content. To see a good example of this, visit this link on the Youtube channel for my business The reason you want to make sure that your 500-word description is original content is so that the search engines will identify it as original information.

Step 5. Once you have published your video to Youtube, be sure to embed it on your website. You have just gone through the hard work of creating great social media marketing material, so you will want to save it so your fans and followers can watch it. You may even want to write a second 500-word article – this one also completely original and not repeating the 500-word description you wrote to go with your Youtube video – to post on your website to go with the video. You could think of this almost like an oreo cookie – 500 word description for your video, the video itself and another 500-word blog article for your website.

Step 6. Once you have created your video, share it all through your social network. Just as you include buttons for all your social media sites on the front page of your website, be sure to put a Youtube button on your website to encourage your fans and followers to subscribe.

Hard work? Yes.

Incredibly effective? Absolutely.


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Saturday, 8 October 2016

2 Great Reasons to Use Google+

You may wonder why it’s worth your while to include Google+ in your social media marketing strategy, so let me give you two great reasons:

  1. SEO, or search engine optimization
  2. Google Hangouts, where you can host online meetings for FRE

Google is the No. 1 search engine in the world, having captured about 70 percent of the search engine market.

When you post to your social media site on Google+, you are immediately feeding the No. 1 search engine and helping yourself stand out in the results. As of December 2014, Google+ was still listed the third most popular social network in the world. According to Alexa, Google is the most visited website in the world.

There are three ways you can post your content on Google+:

  1. If you have a Jetpack plugin on your WordPress website, set up an automatic link so that every time you hit your Publish button, your article goes immediately onto your Google+ site. Having the Jetpack plugin saves you time because you don’t have to visit Google+ directly.
  2. Post the link to your article in the Google+ communities who you think will most appreciate what you have to say. Just like Facebook has groups, Google+ has communities. You can search for like-minded people by searching for communities to join around your personal and professional interests. Communities may have tens of thousands or over a million members, so your blog can reach a much larger audience just by sharing to your Google+ communities.
  3. You can post your contend directly on the Home feed of your Google+ site.

I personally have gotten countless articles to the front page of Google just by publishing to Google+.

Once you have set up your basic Google+ profile, you can lead Google Hangouts.

You will find a square with little squares in it to the left of your avatar photograph at the top right corner of your Google+ account.

As you click on this icon, you will find an option for Google Hangouts.

In Google Hangouts, you can have a video call for up to 10 people.

This can be very useful if you would like to host a webinar for your business or social group and your members are around the world or unable to meet with you in person.

You can share messages and group conversations for up to 150 people through Google Hangouts.

How you may be able to use Google H angouts:

  • For training customers and clients around the world
  • For webinars
  • For working one on one when you don’t want to pay for Skype or video conferences
  • For product launches
  • For voice calls with friends around the world

By giving you the option to offer messages only, voice only or video, Google Hangouts make it easy for you to communicate with people all over the world for FREE.

You can connect to Google Hangouts through your desktop or laptop computer OR on your cellphone through the Google Hangouts App.

Whether you want to market your products, business or services or you are wanting to connect with clients and friends worldwide, Google+ needs to be part of your social media strategy in order to win the Game of Social Media.


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